Community Member training

In this short module, you can learn how to use Keep Certified, District 287's system for teacher re-licensure.

This course will house foundational information for new Peer Coaches in District 287.

This course will teach you about how to make your course content more accessible and ADA compliant.

Classroom Management Module

This resource is open to guest access and is meant as a support for understanding issues surrounding copyright; fair use; citation and more! Enjoy!

This Moodle is designed to provide SIT members a place to share learning from different books about different aspects of culture and race.

Internet safety course for staff.

This course is designed to introduce staff to the Destiny Library System

This course is designed to introduce staff to the Destiny Library System

A course to learn how to build an online course.

This course, created by the District's Due Process Committee, will be a source of training and support in major due process ares.  Content will be gathered and organized by the committee based on areas of need throughout the district. 

Purpose: To provide an interactive grant writing workshop for district staff, provide grant writing guidelines from grant professionals, time to write, share with peers, edit and revise their ideas so they will have draft narrative for fall submissions to grant opportunities.

To access the course make sure that you have logged in to this site and then use the enrollment key that you received from Dolly Lastine, Director of Special Ed. Then you will be able to view the resources and complete the quizzes.

Resources, tips, and tools to ramp up your tech skills.

The resource will walk you through the creation and editing of an efolio.

 Moodle book study Harbors of Hope by Wayne Hulley & Linda Dier will have readers share thoughts on creating a culture of hope and support for students to achieve success.

Learn to apply innovation principles to help kids learn and to help staff work more efficiently. Successful completion of this course certifies you as a District 287 Certified Innovator.

This course outlines Moodle's features by providing examples of activities and resources.

This course provides tutorials for just about any Moodle skills you'll want to learn. It will also provide you with some quick design tips and best practices with students.

This resource will provide you with sample activities and resources that will help you to customize content for your students. Highlighted features include: Groups/Groupings; Lessons; Completion Tracking; Restricted Access; Student Analytics

This is a 10 Unit Moodle on Notching Up the Nurtured Heart Approach. This course will provide principals for notching up the use of the Nurtured Heart Approach in one's classroom and school. This course will provide salient examples and clarity as it relates to recognizing students' greatness, not giving energy to negativity and in providing clear rules and consequences.

This module will teach participants how to build effective presentations using Prezi, the online presentational tool. It will also encompass the basic elements of online design.

This Moodle will provide 287 with staff with information about the basics of Professional Learning Communities, PLC's, and District expectations for them.

This is a book study for staff to utilize for the book Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools by Monique Morris. 

Research is demonstrating that education that promotes Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) helps students to succeed both in terms of academic gains and in preparing them for future success. In this course, you will learn about the current research on SEL and be introduced to ways to integrate SEL into the work you already do with students.

This book study focuses on the teachings of empathy and building a culture of caring in the classroom.

This course provides the core training and vision for the role of Educational Assistants at Intermediate District 287.

A crash course for 287 employees in how we manage technology in 287. Your user name and password are the same as your email credentials. Please contact Jon Fila for the enrollment key via email at

The ChildTrauma Academy

The Neurosequential Model in Education


The human brain is a remarkable and complex organ. It mediates all of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. It is the organ that allows us to form and maintain relationships, read, write, dance and sing. There is not a single aspect of human life that doesn’t involve the brain. And, the brain is  the target of our educational efforts. Whether the focus of the lesson is to learn to shape clay, skip rope, grasp long division, compose a paragraph, share, work in a team, or master the history of North Dakota, the teacher is trying to provide the patterned, repetitive experiences that will change the specific neural networks in the child’s brain that mediate those functions.

The purpose of the Neurosequential Model in Education (NME) is to help educators, caregiversand students better understand some of the most important – and most easily mastered – concepts related to how the brain develops and changes. Understanding and acting on these concepts will lead to more effective and pleasurable learning experiences. The core concepts that the NME introduces have broad relevance for teaching typical as well as at-risk children.

There are several ways that the ChildTrauma Academy brings the NME to educators and educational settings; some of these are didactic (e.g., a  day  long seminar using a lecture format), some are more consultation based (e.g., the CTA’s web-based Case-based NME teaching series) and some are relational, interactive and involve an ongoing learning process.

This book discusses specific steps to globalize your classroom, and move beyond the call for students to memorize material to instead encourage higher-order thinking.

Participants will reflect on learning from The Innovator's Mindset by George Couros.

 In this book study the author explores many aspects of human behavior, social conditions, and history to reveal best practices for building healthy school cultures.

Ed Tech Grant Course: update their existing content/classes.

Internet safety course for staff.