Lange's first semester of AVID

This is a 6th grade, year-long course aligned to MN State Academic Standards. It is a collaborative effort by over a dozen MN School districts.

This version of the course uses embedded Google Docs so that course updates may be made via the MNPCC.

Differentiated teaching ideas to teach about the American Civil War. 

This course will take a look at U.S. History, culture and society from early settlement, through to current day events.

A year long history of the United States from the colonization of America to today.

A year long survey or world history spanning the time from early hunter-gatherers to today.

learn history

Student will be able to name the 3 branches of government and what the government does and how it works.

Geography of the contries of Africa

Examination of the history of humankind in the Western Hemisphere and Near East.  Starting with the evolution of early hominids, through early civilizations in Africa and the Near East, and the Greco-Roman world.  Traces the birth and growth of 3 major world religions and their influence on western civilization.  Moves through the European feudal age, the Age of Discovery and how ancient cultures and thriving populations in Africa and the Americas were exploited.  The final quarter explores the period of political and industrial revolutions, culminating in life during the Modern Age.

This course will have students analyze important events, people and themes in U.S. History so they can understand the present and shape the future.