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Using technology for it's own sake isn't really all that productive. The idea behind this course is to take a look at existing curriculum in core academic content areas and identify improvements that can be made with available technologies.

You will:

  • Choose a course in one of the core content areas (English, Math, Science, Social Studies) in grades 3-12 and find a lesson in that course you'd like to review/revise;
  • Select from available tools/resources to enhance the existing learning object in a way that improves upon the student experience in the original;
  • Review Tips & Tricks for Using Google Docs, Slides, or Drawings;
  • Submit your revised version of the learning object for review;
  • Submit your reflection on your experience.

This module fulfills the Positive Behavior and Supports requirement for MN relicensure.

The main goals of this training are to meet the licensure requirement and help you develop a deeper knowledge and how you can implement PBIS in your classroom or school.

For questions regarding the course, please contact Julie Kent at

This module fulfills the Curriculum Modification & Adaptations requirement for MN Relicensure.

This two-hour mini-course cover the history of adaptations, what adaptations are, the benefit of adaptations to every student, and examples and resources for using adaptations in your classroom.

For questions regarding the course, please contact Scott Swanson at

This module fulfills the Early Warning Signs of Children's Mental Health requirement for MN relicensure.

The main goals of this training are to meet the licensure requirement and help you to become an even better advocate to address student’s mental health needs. The learning activities are designed for those of you who have had this training before and those of you taking it for the first time. The activities meet the state requirements and each section will include reflections and additional resources that will give you the opportunity to deepen your understanding.

For questions regarding the course, please contact Eric Carlson at

This module fulfills the Technology requirement for MN relicensure.

A two-hour mini-course on powering up your Google search skills. You might think, "Oh, I already know how to search for things!" But you might be surprised what you learn in this course. The course covers the basics of efficient searching, then branches out into less common ways to make your searches quicker and less time-consuming.

To fulfill the requirement of ELL for relicensure you need to take your reflection statement from this course and submit it in your reflective statement that you submit to your relicensure team.

In this session you will learn about English Learners (EL's) and how to support them in the classroom. As you navigate through the session you will:

  • Learn about the stages of language acquisition
  • Learn about Minnesota EL Statute
  • Hear from a student about English Learners
  • Explore how rhetoric plays a part in how students participate in school
  • Learn more about supporting EL's in the classroom
  • Learn how current brain research can inform what we do in the classroom.

This module fulfills the Reading requirement for MN relicensure.

A two-hour mini course on reading strategies and instruction to increase comprehension of texts.

For questions regarding the course, please contact Lori Nystrom at