Headway Academy South

Welcome to the webpage for Headway Academy South! If you missed a day or were gone from class for therapy, you can use this website to catch up on missing assignments, see what the class did on a particular day, or get into contact with your teacher. To use this website, just click on your course to go to your course. There, you can find handouts, assignments and other information. You can click on the course calendar to see what's going on in class.


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School Box Word Generation

Note: This is a sample to show what a Moodle Webpage might look like for an individual District 287 site.

Currently, the Science class and calendar links work, but not much else.

Students would be able to access their courses from this page (enrollment would be required, as you can see in the Science class link above), as well as any other public pages (calendars, general course/teacher information page for parents) that could be added.

Links to site-wide general resources can be added as well. In this exampled, the School Box and Word Generation links would go right to public pages for these resources.

We can make these look a lot prettier too; this is a rough mock up.