Accommodations Suggestions

Our goal at District 287 is to reduce or eliminate the effects of a student's disability relating to information acquisition and demonstration of mastery. Wherever possible we seek to eliminate barriers while not reducing expectations for learning.

Students who require additional supports due to a disability, review the following options:

Visual Impairments
Screen readers/Text to Speech
Font Size
Dark Mode
Speech to Text
Keyboard Navigation


You might consider changing your browser's default font. Some users with Dyslexia report better readability using one of the following:

  • Comic Sans
  • Century Gothic
  • Verdana
  • Calibri
  • Trebuchet

Visual Impairments

Screen Readers/Text to Speech

The screen reader largely depends on which device/browser the student uses. Here are some recommendations:

Microsoft Edge browser has the preferred read-aloud feature for in-browser activities.

Macs have built in screen readers. Students select text and right-click and can choose to have it read to them. In the Chrome browser there is the SpeakIt Chrome Extension:

If it's a PC, there is an Open Source application called NVDA.

If you are accessing a PDF document then Adobe Reader has a Read Aloud option. Adobe Reader has many other Accessibility features for text to review.


To change content in browser window and to increase font size:

  • PC/Chromebook - Ctrl Shift +
  • Mac - Cmd Shift +

Dark Mode

In most browsers, you are able to change page to Dark Mode to enable different types of color contrast or inverted colors. This can assist with some visual processing issues. If your browser does not have this setting, consider using a browser plug-in or switching browsers.


Speech to text

You can also use something like speech to text to get your ideas down and then copy/paste into your assignment submission. Microsoft tools offer the most in terms of screen reading and text to speech support. If you have those, these directions might help.

  • Microsoft Office - Edit-->Start Dictation
  •  Students can record themselves, it converts to text and then copy/paste text into submission.

Written Submissions


  • 287 encourages the use of spellcheck and grammar check features in word processing applications, as well as those built into the browser.
  • Students may paste their written work, before submission, into Hemingway Editor in order to assess readability, structure, and grammar.
  • Qualifying students are able to speak their submissions directly into the assignment submission area.

Keyboard Navigation

When you hit Tab on a webpage on this site you will see a Skip to Main Content feature that will take you directly to your course materials. To move back a selection select Shift+Tab.

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