WARNING: This page is no longer accessible to all MN Districts. The previous statewide license provided by the MN Learning Commons was not renewed as of May 2014. To see how your district can still become a member of the project contact NROC.

This section is for NROC Moodle courses that guests can browse. These zipped folders can be uploaded and installed into your own Moodle environment if you are an NROC Member district.

To download a course to your server: 

  • Each course has a zipped folder to download and install in your own LMS.
  • Courses are posted without user data.
  • If you would like to discuss any of these you are welcome to do so on our Innovation Forum.

Note: Auto-linking in Courses - For the discussion, assignment, and test links to work auto-linking for activity names will have to be turned on for the site. If this auto-linking feature is kept off for the site then each of the activity links will have to be linked manually.

To turn this auto-linking feature on go to the Site Administration-->Filters-->Manage filters-->Enable Activity Names Auto-linking. Use the eye icon to turn this feature on and off, remember to save changes if you adjust the setting.

Link to this site:


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For a list of NROC licensed materials and expiration dates for some of their content please review this document.